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Weapons - Hunting Arrow x198, Dagger x2, Hunting Knife x2, Club x2, Torch x3, Hunting Bolt x198

Armor - Hood x2, Shabby Belt

Items - Weak Healing Potion x2, Healing Potion x1, Weak Astral Potion x3, Arachnae, Throwing Knife x5, Poison Thorn, Provisions x5, Bandage x4

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Elissa - Hunter Edit

she teaches the following special abilities:

Vigilance - The hero is better able to understand the situation in combat, lower chances for the enemy for opportunity attack when the hero passes by during the battle. Require: intuition 12, Cost: 200 AP

Dodge - The hero is skilled at dodging. Require: Agility 10, Cost: 200 AP

Targeted Shot - The hero next shot does more damage but has more chances of failure (-5 to attack roll, +5 to damage roll), Cost: 200 AP