Warriors are specialists in the handling of weapons and can take a lot of damage before dropping, but they are poorly trained in other talents.

See Vanguard for sub-profession.

Strengths Edit

  • Trained in fighting with one-handed and two-handed swords.
  • Great body control
  • Elemental knowledge of treating wounds

Weaknesses Edit

  • No experience in the wild
  • Untrained in ranged weapons

Starting talents Edit

Starting special abilities Edit

Stats Edit

Attributes Base values
CO (Courage) 13 VP (Vitality) 39
CL (Cleverness) 10 AT (Attack) 7
IN (Intuition) 12 PA (Parry) 7
CH (Charisma) 9 DG (Dodge) 7
DE (Dexterity) 10 RC (Ranged Combat) 7
AG (Agility) 13 INI (Initiative) 10
CN (Constitution) 13 RM (Resistance to Magic) 5
ST (Strength) 13 ASP (Astral Energy) 0
SD (Speed) 8