Red and Blue mages are the combination of a mage and a warrior. Red mages are offensive, while Blue mages are defensive. Green mages use nature and are also called Hunters. Green mages or known as Druids in the game. also could use those tactics oherwise. Druids are a profession in the game as there is a trainer.

Typical for a atypical characerEdit

A Red mage is offensively oreinted however a red mage is not soley a mage per se. A character profession that lays inbetween the two is actually not a litsted profession however is often common amongst users and players of the game.

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Typical Gear

A Red mage consist of 

A feathered hat

-magical staff or Fencing gear,

A Gambesan armorset or leather (typically light armor.)

The other format would be to make them a vanguard.

A vanguard is more of a warrior with some abillities as a mage. They are meant to be fast and run ahead of other characters and take on damage while other characters are free to perform other task. Fencing gear is usedbecause there is fencing gear that is magical and also fencing gear pierces as well as has consistant damage. Fencing gear also is light and mages need light gear as it uses less strength and more initiative or agility.

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