Speed is the essence of war. Take advantage of the enemy's unpreparedness; travel by unexpected routes and strike him where he has taken no precautions. (Szun Tzu, The Art of War, Ch. 11)

Movement is affected by a character's speed. Movement may be overlooked. But in many games movement is key. Movement in history such as blitzkrieg often win wars. History states: do not underestimate someone who's faster than your opponent.

Movement vs actionEdit

A character can act within a certain range of talents.

If you could act in a range of 8 and their max movement is 7 your hunter or mage would run circles around the creature or enemy.

Urban areasEdit

Cities, (tentative arenas.)

Streetwise affects Speed +1, and so forth; it goes from 1,8,13,18.

1= +1 Urban movement, 8= +1, 13+2, 18 +3

Movement can be affected by intuition.



-Points of opportunity

There are three special abilities to avoid this tactic.


Areas outside of the cities pretty basic however it is tentative about other areas. 

This is affected by Survival which allows cheaper provisions.


1= +1 wilds movement, 8= +1, 13+2, 18 +3

Negative MovementEdit

Movement can also be affected in 4 harmful respects in blackguards.

Environmental DamageEdit

Environmental surroundings is key to knowing how to win. Knowing what is around you will help you win the battle.

Unintentional situational damageEdit

Damage is defined by the fact you walked over a trap. You were at a door and the door closed killing whatever was next to it. In a arena battle in Mengbilla this tactic is used often to kill enemies after the 9 hordes. After you finish for your freedom you may go back and do the quests at the arena. Once finished, the arena battles often contain doors. Doors have a tendency to close and kill whomever was inside.

Movement blockEdit

Movement block while can be under unintentional has intentional portions. Where someone uses a stack of crates and blocks your way. A door closes, etc. The situation around the character stops you from moving. Movement is also blocked by being surrounded.

Interactive stopsEdit

Interactive stops is the integral of movement block. Where there is potential to be stopped or killed by an object. Where there is a door closing, or a fixture above you. The fixture could be a chandelier.

Lastly what could be also considered negative is being knocked out. But this is another topic which is not under movement because instead of being dynamic you are static.

Traps (TBD) Edit