Mages are masters in the use of arcane powers. With their magic they can guard their friends against an evil fate and be the bane of their enemies; but woe unto them once their powers are used up!

See Red/Blue Mage for mixed. While not an official profession (will) describes the use of typical mixed class.

Strengths Edit

  • Trained combat mage
  • Strong Will
  • Trained in combat with the magic staff
  • Solid knowledge of wound treatment

Weaknesses Edit

  • Little experience in close combat
  • No experience in ranged combat


The mage "class" description states that he has knowledge of wound treatment, however this is false, the mage has no such knowledge. He does have spells that can treat injuries and poison but those are different from healing knowledge (the "Treat wounds" talent).

The mage starts off with the Steady Casting talent whose prerequisites it does not meet. (in fact, a starting character is cannot ever meet the prerequisites for Steady casting because starting attributes are limited to 14)

The default mage build uses 10712 AP and comes with an additonal 2 unspent AP, giving it a 714 AP advantage compared to a custom made mage, this can help compensates for the poor AP spending choices made when it was created. The character creator tells you that any points not spent during initial character creation are lost, this is false, they are kept and may be spent later.

Base Values Edit

Attributes Base values
CO (Courage) 13 VP (Vitality) 30
CL (Cleverness) 13 AT (Attack) 6
IN (Intuition) 13 PA (Parry) 6
CH (Charisma) 12 DG (Dodge) 6
DE (Dexterity) 11 RC (Ranged Combat) 6
AG (Agility) 10 INI (Initiative) 9
CN (Constitution) 11 RM (Resistance to Magic) 5
ST (Strength) 10 ASP (Astral Energy) 35
SD (Speed) 7

Weapon Talents Edit

  • Axes and Maces (4)
  • Throwing Weapons (5)
  • Staves (7)

Talents Edit

  • Body Control (2)
  • Willpower (5)
  • Perception (1)

Spells Edit

  • Cold Shock (3)
  • Ignifaxius Burst of Flame (8)
  • Clarum Purum (0)
  • Magica Infracta (2)
  • Balm of Healing (7)

Special abilities Edit

  • Ranged Spell 1
  • Astral Regeneration 1
  • Steady Casting - The prebuild mage does not actually meet the prerequisites for this ability, but has it anyways.
  • Mage - Only mages can ever learn to cast spells, you have to start the game as a mage to be one. It costs 500 AP out of the initial 10,000 used in character creation.