The Louse Queen appears like a giant crypt louse. Has deadly venom is also apart of the Louse Queen Quest to cause sleepiness.And also is apart of the last 9th horde.


Death blow works really well. I mean it does miss 2/3's of the time. But Takata is amazing. Yes spears are cool but I avoid them because they need so much AP fencing gear for mages works well. It only takes a 1/2 for the piercing damage it does 1/4 but most of the time has a high initiative and hit rate.

1. The main tip is to control your character's weapon levels in battle. Sometimes you can set it to all out 19 attack or you can have 3 attack and 19 defense your choice. Just use that.

2. Send 2 characters to close the tunnels even if they die.

3. By the time you close them there will be a few bugs. Have the queen go near Aurelia.

4. attack in a circle around the louse queen.

5. The louse queen will then proceed to have her minions attack you but can't move due to the size. This is near Aurelia.

The bugs will be kited away from the main target of Aurelia.

6. The louse queen will have her bugs explode and deal massive damage.(Think Banelings from SCII)  While having Zuburan Protect Aurelia. It may seem like a waste. Naurim should be a walking tank with 49 hp at this point and be able to have the 2nd dodge using a shield. His defense should be all the way up on the weapon mastery talents. If their health is up The bugs blowing up may deal 20 or 1/4th of their health. They are pretty resilient.

7. Hopefully you have other healers besides Niam. The fountains are only good when your characters are on the move.