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Spamming itemsEdit

Spamming items is a strategy Thunderbringerstormbrook 22:47, February 1, 2014 (UTC) came up with while after hearing TotalBiscuit criticism of how little money is actually in the (unknown to him ealry game). Item Spamming is the idea of minimalization and selling most items in the game except for spellbooks. Spamming items does not mean forgoing weapons. However forgoing armor or heavy armor is optional or preferencial. The idea behind the item spamming is that potions are worth 3-4 gold. In critical situations using potions will save you time and effort. But the mission gives you 10 gold. If you use the potion and are critically injured the cost of healing plus rest will more than likely leave you peniless. Potions are not evil per say, the cost is high however this forces the player to seek alternatives in strategies such as using skills and talents to their advantage.

By selling items you often find your bill for the battle covered and the cost of healing a party typically is 1-3 gold. Selling the potion after the battle gives enough money to cover the ENTIRE PARTY 3 times over.


While money is not a typical item that can be moved, used in the same fashion it is the essence of the game's items where the items can be traded for Ducals. Ducals have their own system of 10 farthings is 1 silver, 10 silver is 1 gold ducal.

Quest ItemsEdit

Quest Items are used to solve and resolve quests.

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Spiked matts

poison spikes

bear traps

Clamp traps