Hunters are good ranged fighters. They are wilderness experts and practiced in handling melee weapons. Except for magic, they have some command of every discipline, although their partial knowledge could spell their doom.

For a sub-profession see Ranger. Rangers know how to use close range combat.

Strengths Edit

  • Well trained in the use of bows
  • Trained in fighting with daggers.
  • Experienced in the wild
  • Experience in using and deactivating traps

Weaknesses Edit

  • Little experience in close combat

Special abilities Edit

Stats Edit

Attributes Base values
CO (Courage) 12 VP (Vitality) 35
CL (Cleverness) 10 AT (Attack) 7
IN (Intuition) 13 PA (Parry) 7
CH (Charisma) 9 DG (Dodge) 7
DE (Dexterity) 13 RC (Ranged Combat) 7
AG (Agility) 13 INI (Initiative) 10
CN (Constitution) 11 RM (Resistance to Magic) 4
ST (Strength) 12 ASP (Astral Energy) 0
SD (Speed) 8