Chapter 1
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I plan to leave the Horasian Empire for a while and flee south to the feared Emirate of Mengbilla. Perhaps I will find Lysander there, and if so, then he will answer some questions!

My fellow prisoners will accompany me. I don't quite know if I should be glad. On the other hand, it increases my chances of reaching the border alive.

But first our mage Zurbaran is planning to visit Drol, where he hopes to see his highborn lover, the Baroness Belarita, again.

But we need help to reach Drol, for warrants for our arrest have probably arrived ahead of us. Naurim has some acquaintances in Drolsash who he thinks will be able to help us.

Objectives Edit

  • Flee to the south!
  • Find Bal and Cadalman in Drolsash!